A Quick Adjustment Is What the Doctor Ordered

I remember the first time I entered the chiropractic clinic. I was at a point I could not drive, not really talk and if someone had pointed a gun at me, I would have helped them aim it I was so miserable. The professionals there took x-rays of me, looked at them, had me lay on their table, and in 30 seconds, each one punctuated with a pop from my back and neck, I was free of pain.

It was like a switch had flipped on. Thoughts freely flowed through me, I could tell people about those thoughts and I could go back to work that day and the best thing, no real side effects from the treatment. The clinic signed me up for a year of care and I did not care that it would take a year or that I was spending quite a bit of money to do it. Being able to live as a clear head, even if temporary, was amazing. From that point on, I started working on a mind-body solution to my migraines and it has paid off.

I am not migraine-free, I am still a pain head but I can spend time with my family instead of my bedroom when I am not working. I can walk the many parks around where I live and that also helps with preventing migraines. It even helps with the crazy weather changes that come around Fall and Spring. I strongly advise checking out chiropractic care as a way to treat your migraines and prevent future ones.

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