Abdominal and Head migraine Ouch Ouch Ouch

Hi everyone

I came across this page today as we all do over the www looking for answer to try rid me of the pain.

For years i have been getting yearly outbreaks of this pain but only last year was i diagnosed with Abdominal migraine. It's tuesday today and it's starting to ease from when it started on sunday the head migraine makes me sleep for hours on end but, as the head pain starts to go away i can see and type lol.

The abdominal comes into play its been there from the start but as I'm mostly sleeping i cant really feel it,  a pain i cant explain very well other that every step i take is agony and driving over bumps in the car (school run has to be done) is pure agony.

I have been prescribed some tablet (Amittrityline) 10mg but think i need the higher dose as they worked for me last time but don't seem to be doing much this time or if anyone knows a better treatment i would be grateful, my doctor has little information on this and had to phone our hospital for what to give me

Please does anyone else get the same as me?

Zoe 34 x

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