Abilify(aripriprazole) and migraines

i have had a terrible history of migraines. in 2007 i was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. i was already on topiromate for migraines, and it was helping, but not eliminating the problem. i was gradually put on increased doses of topamax to treat the bipolar II and it did not help the migraines, or the bipolar II. i had been on largactyl 2006, but it just made me really really really ill.

My migraines were some food related, menstrual related, and stress related. i had a hysterectomy for other medical reasons, and that assisted with, but did not eliminate propensity for migraines. i also was seeing a neurologist for treatment of migraines.

i am not sure exactly, but i think it was 2009 that i was put on abilify (aripripazole) and OMG the difference has been amazing. gradually as time went by i realized that i WAS NOT HAVING MIGRAINES. at times i would still be migrainous (hard to think of the right word, fuzzled thoughts, retinal shadows, and at extremes, aura effects, but no pain) and its been amazing

The migranous times have coincided with periods of stress.

i have been able to go from missing days off work, to not working, casual work, part time work, and now i am working full time again. it has been approximately 6 months since i started to work full time again, and i have had one migrainous episode in that time.

i attribute the huge difference to my life to abilify. in australia its a limited perscription medication, and i bless the doctor who started me off on the trial for it. it has been so wonderful. at 48 i have been able to regain a functioning life. as an added benefit, it also appears to have antihistamine properties, and my asthma and sinus allergies have also improved.

i now have a more stable life, minimal migraine effect ( i used to lose days a month to migraines, if one started i would be out of action for many days if i didn't get things like imigran into me and even then i would still have "hangover" effects. ergotamine worked for a while, but it made me feel terribly ill, in addition to hte migraine.

i hope this gives hope to some people, its so amazing, i wish it could help everyone, i spent many years debilitated by migraines.

thank you for reading my story

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