Finding Relief From Migraine After 10 Years

I'm 62 and have struggled with daily migraines for over 10 years. While most information out there will say they usually lessen with age, mine got worse.

What treatment did I receive in the ER?

They were affecting every area of my life until one day, while visiting a friend, I ended up in the emergency room, and a wonderful ER doctor gave me a prescription for rizatriptan - a miracle drug for me! That's when I finally began to have some control over my life.

Do I still take rizatriptan?

Because none of the preventative meds my doctors had me try helped, even Botox injections, rizatriptan became a maintenance drug that I now need to take daily. While it does have some side effects - fatigue being the most common - I am able to work and, most days, feel reasonably well. I no longer worry about the effects of taking this everyday but have accepted that I need it to function and am thankful that it does help. I am also thankful that my insurance has agreed to cover the cost.

Does migraine define who I am?

Many ask me, how do you manage? Well, I have no choice. My determination to not let migraines define me has been an uphill struggle. Accepting that I have a brain disorder that I may have to live with for the rest of my life has been tough but focusing on keeping busy doing the things I love and enjoying life as best I can is the best way to live life, no matter what life hands you.

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