Acceptance = Healing

As a chronic migraine sufferer, for years I battled with the question Why Me!! Why do I have to endure this pain? Why do I have to miss out on so many opportunities with my career and fun because I was curled in the fetal position with so much pain and agony? Day after day I cried in secrecy because I felt isolated by my migraines and helpless for everything I tried failed me. Day after day I wished my miserable migraines would disappear.

I felt helpless, lost, confused and overwhelmed. I was angry with myself at times because I couldn't stop the headaches. One day I asked myself, how do I release this pain? And an inner voice said ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance that I had migraines. Acceptance that I was living with migraines but the migraines did not have to define me. And on a deeper level acceptance of myself. For so long I hated this part of me (migraines). I struggled to love and accept myself for who I was.

In not accepting myself or loving myself, I believed I exacerbated my migraines. I believe that our thoughts can really impact our health. By having this hidden contempt for my mind, body and migraines, I was continuing the pain cycle. So when I asked myself how to release the pain, and received the answer acceptance, many opportunities to live a pain free life became a reality.

Now I am not saying that I became migraine free immediately after I thought of the word acceptance. But I realized when I found love and acceptance for myself; I started treating my mind, body and soul as a sacred place. I started to eat with a purpose to heal my body. I started to mediate and work out to heal my mind. I started to eliminate alcohol from my party girl lifestyle. I started to believe that I was worth living a spectacular life.

This may all seem Woo Wooo but I believe there is truth in feelings manifesting into health. Sometimes we have to look deeper for healing. Medical doctors are great and can facilitate in lessening your migraines. However, sometimes we still need more. I see numerous people suffering from migraines that are not finding relief in modern day migraine medication. My migraine medications provided me temporary relief but it was just one piece to my healing.

I believe a huge part of my healing was the acceptance and letting go of negative emotions and beliefs. Not until I truly accepted myself did I start taking all the necessary actions to live a migraine free life.

With all this said, I ask, do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself? Is there something blocking you emotionally? Are you holding on to the pain from the past? Are there any ideas that you need to release to be free?

There is freedom in being honest who you are and what you experienced in the past. There is freedom of letting go of negative emotions. There is freedom in accepting and loving every aspect YOU.

I ask you to be open minded. If you are struggling with migraines now, ask yourself, how do I release this pain? Your answer may be different than acceptance, and I ask you to honor whatever it may be. But in that process, love yourself, accept yourself and celebrate yourself. You deserve that because you have been through a lot with your migraines.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Migraine Warrior

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