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Hi All,

This has probably been said already somewhere by somebody but I just wanted to describe a solution that has helped me incredibly.

Since I can remember I have headaches every day, with a weekly blinding migraine. They increased gradually over time to around 12 years ago where I would be at the point of suicide they were that bad.

10 years ago I met my now wife. She suffers incredibly with allergies (dust, pet, feathers etc) not hardly ever gets headaches let alone migraines. I had never suffered with allergies but did begin to just after we met. She suggested I start talking medication to help (cetrizine). I did so and after around 3 months I noticed the headaches been to reduce. Please note that my allergies were very minimal. Just the odd sniff and running nose. I also took a cold relief tablet which also helped a little.

Having spent many years lying on the floor rubbing, thumping, and squeezing every area of my head and neck for relief I slowly began to realize it was my sinus that would fill and puff out. My face would burn and my neck become stiff.

I visited the Dr on many occasion only to be told there was nothing wrong and x-rays supported this.

Nevertheless, I still take allergy tablets and cold relief tablets when I feel compression in my head and, for the past 5 years, I am without headaches. I do still get migraines really bad but they occur less than once a year.

Rubbing my cheeks help as this seems to relieve some pressure and, usually, the pain will disappear with seconds.

Anyway, just wanted to share in case it helped just one person out there.

Thanks to my wife I am now free of this terrible pain !

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