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Alternative Help

Between migraines and my allergies I was always felling horrible. I read a book called "anti-cancer a new way of life." In this book it recommended mushrooms and turmeric to help build stronger cells to fight cancer (cancer runs rampant in my family so I thought I would try this).  Since I don't like either of them I purchases supplements (Turmeric Force and Lifeshield Immunity) from a local health food store.

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I have been taking both of these supplements for over a year now, and have not had a migraine headache since. My allergies are also 100% better. I have recommended a to a couple of people to try this, and one guy is now taking these supplement regularly and swears that they stopped his sinus infections. My husband gets headaches from seizures and he just agreed to try this. I will let you know if he notices a difference.

If anyone else tries these supplements, please let me know if they help. I am feeling great and hiking at least 10 miles a week, with pollen and rag weed.


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