Am I alone in this pain?

I am a 41 year old female and I had my first migraine in my early 30's. I used to only have them once a year or so but over the last 4 years, I get them about 4 or more times a year. I know to some that is nothing but to me it is completely horrible!!!

The last 4 years have been more scary symptom wise, the pain is directed on over my right ear and jaw. I have had "stroke like" symptoms from tingling, numbness in my tounge, arms and legs. Slurred and unrecognizable speech is the worst - I know what my brain is trying to say and it comes out as jibberish.

My migraines start with a visual aura, it's like the snow that used to show on the tv when the channels went off air. Once that happens, I go into preperation mode and take the following steps:
Step 1. I get home ASAP
Step 2. Take an over the counter sleeping pill and hope to fall asleeep before the real pain sets in (usually a futile attempt)
Step 3. Call/communicate to my husband I have a Migraine in progress - I have an AMAZING husband who will take care of me in my most vulnerable hours.
Step 4. Get the heating pad - The heating pad helps the pain but never gets rid of it completely.
Step 5. Put the trash can as close to me as possible (sometimes a pot from the kitchen) I usually violently throw up for a few hours.
Step 6. Lie in bed and cry
Step 7. Hopefully pass out from exhaustion as soon as possible

The day after I have a migraine, I walk around feeling like someone hit me in the side of my head with a 2x4 - my jaw and ear are sore to the touch.

I know a lot of this is controllable. Since I moved to TX in 2008, I have not seen a doctor for my migraines. I did see a dentist about TMJ and there was a slight abnormality but not drastic enough to be diagnosed as TMJ. Part of me doesn't want to be a complainer - as a former Marine, we ar taught to suck it up, also, I don't want a doctor to not take me seriously.

I have read a lot of the stories and forums on here but I still have not seen one that mirrors my pain areas during a migraine. Does anyone else have the same pain center? It's a deep, screwdriver in the ear pain - worse pain, sometimes, than natural child birth!!!!!

Has anyone else experienced pain like this? I am looking for help, answers and guidance - please!!!!!!

Thank you,

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