Am I having pre-seizures?

Am I having pre-seizures?! Migraines are just part of life for me. I've had typical migraines nausea light sensitivity vomit sleep feel better since age 14ish. About 3.5 years ago I experienced my first aura migraine. My blood pressure was off the chart (not really but you get what I mean). I couldn't stand up the floor was moving. I thought I was going to die. My head didn't hurt anyways er sent me home I just had a migraine! For the past year they have progressed to something far more alarming! I can't talk, communicate, walk-I trip over everything my vision goes in and out. Sometimes I can't hear!

But about 6 months ago migraines meant something new I got all of my migraines together pain and everything crazy and my head just started shaking violently a tick I couldn't make stop. And the urge to make my head stay straight makes it so much worse. My neck becomes stiff from the shakes I get. It lasts for about ten-20 min and then starts to taper down I guess once the overload of ibuprofen starts to take affect. But seriously aggravated at people saying It's all in my head! My poor husband having to walk me around so I don't fall. Or having to take care of the kids because I'm too sick to come out of my room. I'm down to working part time now but I still struggle. I have a migraine about 4 days out of the week. I might have a five day break in between them and then they come right back. Ibuprophen only helps them not come full force with the throbbing but never seems to prevent the aura. Although I may not be experiencing throbbing in my head when the aura comes on.

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