An Answer to My Prayers

I'm a 47 year old woman who has suffered with migraines since my mid-twenties. I have been to many neurologists (some of the best in the country) and although they tried various drug cocktails/treatments, I was always left with deafening/excruciating migraines (averaging approx. 1-2 per week, sometimes rebounding one right after another and lasting for days at a time).

I have finally found relief and wanted to share it with you. I know for sure that my migraines are triggered for different reasons - I can't pin them on just one thing but a combination of triggers (hormonal shifts, food sensitivities, lack of sleep, strenuous exercise, smoke, perfumes, and stressful situations like public speaking or conflict). With that in mind, I along with the help of a determined and committed general practitioner have come up with the following combination that unbelievably really works for me....maybe it will work for someone out there too. That is my hope.

Here's what I do:
Drink GT's Kombucha every day to alkalize my system (Whole Foods--It's expensive but less than a coffee drink). Include a lot of fresh greens in my daily diet (roasted or fresh mostly)

Take at bedtime all three of the following:
1200 mg Magnesium (TwinLab)
100 mg Prometrium (every day) to balance Estrogen-this is a bio-identical hormone prescribed by my doctor
60 mg ER Pronanolol beta-blocker

When a headache occurs:
Take 1/4-1/2 Relpax when I feel a migraine coming on and ice my neck and head.

Other preventatives:
Avoid alcohol, nitrites, nitrates, chocolate and heavy perfumes and smoke
Drink a lot of water (especially before exercise)
Warm up for exercise to avoid exertion migraine

The good news is I have only had one migraine in the past 6 months. Like I said, this is a miracle for me as I have suffered for 22 years.

Good luck to everyone.

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