Migraines and parenting

Being a mom to 2 babies is difficult as it is and on top of that having migraines on a daily basis makes it worse. My triggers have become silly things like scares or light or the smell of spoiled milk, not drinking coffee or just being worried. As recent as the few last months (March 2015 to this day) I've had episodes every day. The morning light hits my face and my heads starts throbbing and pounding, my eyes feel like I have elephants sitting on top of them. My heart feels like is beating in my head. I wake up with the feeling I'm hungover except I did not drink. My doctor has prescribed a butalb/caffeine/tylenol mix to my already big cocktail of medication and zoloft. I have epilepsy so I can't afford to not being able to control my migraines because it triggers epilepsy episodes. I've had 3 so far this year and is not even June. I also have a pituitary tumor and pcos which were recently diagnosed. Migraines hit me harder than ever nowdays. Migraines have always been there and I've had too many mri's and ct scans done in my life and nothing seemed to be wrong. I'm looking for new alternatives as to how to deal with the pain and to treat the migraines.

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