Another Article On Easily Curing Migraines

Yesterday, a well meaning friend told me of a migraine miracle cure she read about in Woman's World magazine. It is a cream made with herbs you rub on your neck, head, and your migraine is gone! It was complete with a real life story of a woman who suffered from "migraines" for years and no doctor could help her. My friend continues to tell me you should try that and I bet your migraines would be gone! The product is on facebook as Stoppain Migraine. I posted my objections to their product on their site. Since migraine is a neurological disease, classified by the World Health Organization in the same class of disability as terminally ill cancer and quadriplegia, I cannot believe people actually believe rubbing a cream on yourself would cure it. Product claims like this trivialize chronic migraine terribly. While a placebo may help some people, I feel following the money trail on this product, should open your eyes to scams.

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