Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I have suffered from migraines ever since puberty - sometimes I will have one every couple of weeks, sometimes months go by and I think I might be "cured" and sometimes one will follow another within days.

The last migraine I had, after it was over, for days afterwards I felt like I was hungover, and even though I dragged myself to work, my mind was cloudy, I felt sick, and I couldn't concentrate on anything.

And I also had a new symptom - it scared me a little so I wondered if anyone else has had this - I found that I couldn't read properly for days, like the words would jumble up and I would have to squint and read slowly to make sense of them.

I am fine now by the way, but this inability to read very well lasted around a week after my migraine.

Is this normal? Has anyone else suffered this?

Thank you!

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