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Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I have suffered from migraines ever since puberty – sometimes I will have one every couple of weeks, sometimes months go by and I think I might be “cured” and sometimes one will follow another within days.

The last migraine I had, after it was over, for days afterwards I felt like I was hungover, and even though I dragged myself to work, my mind was cloudy, I felt sick, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

And I also had a new symptom – it scared me a little so I wondered if anyone else has had this – I found that I couldn’t read properly for days, like the words would jumble up and I would have to squint and read slowly to make sense of them.

I am fine now by the way, but this inability to read very well lasted around a week after my migraine.

Is this normal? Has anyone else suffered this?

Thank you!

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  • Tammy Rome
    5 years ago


    I haven’t had that experience after a migraine, but I do sometimes get it before one starts. Occasionally I will have problems with comprehension after a migraine though. I will read something and have no idea what it meant. I take this as a sign that my brain still needs to rest & recover.

    As Katie and Kristine said, please let your doctor know about any new symptoms. Many times it’s just our weird brains doing crazy stuff, but it never hurts to make sure.

    You might also take a look at the latest article, Taking “breaks” from mental activities may be just what your brain needs to reset itself.


  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    I have not personally had vision difficulties long after the Migraine stopped, but our brains can do funny things when trying to heal after an attack. Another one of our contributors, the Migraine Girl, wrote about having problems with her vision.

    And just as Kristine said, please be sure to let your doctor know when any of your symptoms change.
    -Katie Moderator

  • Kristine Zerkowski moderator
    5 years ago

    Hi Bekki,
    Thank you so much for being a part of our community, and for reaching out to us regarding your experience after a migraine attack. One of our moderators and contributors, Tammy Rome, has written a series about “Migraine Brain”, and you may find this article helpful It’s also very important that you discuss any new symptoms with your doctor to rule out any other underlying conditions or causes.
    The Migraine.Com Team

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