I'm at My Wits End

I've had "migraines" for around 25 years. I've seen lots of neurologists who have never been definite about the diagnosis and have suggested it 'may' be my jaw joint or my neck or whatever. I've had lots of tests that have been negative. I am at the end (I hope) of a migraine that I've had since around mid-July. I am due to see yet another neurologist in a few weeks.

What has my treatment experience been?

Over that 25 years, I have tried all of the medications that can be prescribed to either treat or prevent migraine. They either didn't work or made me so drowsy I couldn't work. (On one, I went to sleep driving my car.) This time the pain was so bad, I was absolutely frantic. My doctor says it may be trigeminal neuralgia. I hate to sound like Mrs. Sad Sack, but if I come away from this next appointment with no treatment plan and no diagnosis, I just don't know where to go from there.

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