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My doctor diagnosed me with migraines, although frankly I’m still unsure about the diagnosis because headaches are the last of my problems.

My “migraines” always start with a feeling that feels like it is washing over me where I feel like I’m in a dream-like state. I always get a sense of “deja vu”, and could swear I have been in the exact same place when this feeling happened before (even though I haven’t).

While it happens, I can respond to people, but I can’t really think straight. When I’ve written down things while it was happening and then look back afterward, my grammar is all messed up. It usually lasts about 20-30 seconds.

Afterward I get a headache about 50% of the time and just feel drained. It usually takes me about five minutes or so to fully recover such that I can really think clearly again. Appreciate hearing if anyone has similar symptoms or if maybe it might not be a migraine. Doctor has run some tests and thinks he has ruled out other possibilities.

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