What to do about auras?

I've been a migraineur for the last 10 years. I've typically had on average, 10 migraines per month, all fairly well managed. I have yet to find a preventative that works for more than a month or two, and I have low tolerance for side effects. The only taking that consistently works is relpax. I would love to try Botox. With a $4,000 out of network deductible, and my headache specialist being out if network, I cannot afford it.

My current issue, though, is auras. I've been getting them more frequently. They last about half an hour, and the pain afterwards is not like my typical migraine. It's on the other side of my head, and feels like I've been hit in the head. It responds less to my relpax than a regular migraine. I've had some auras at the worst times.

Most recently, as I was sitting in a therapy session with a client. Isn't there anything out there that can abort an aura? It is scary to have one. A major feeling of loss of control, as well as dread, since I know what comes next. In all my reading, I haven't learned anything about treatment for aura. Any advice?

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