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I remember experiencing severe pain since the age of 3. Yes, 3 years old. I remember this because my sister who is 1 year older, began pre-k. My mother used to give me the small chewable pills to relieve the pain.

I was always vomiting, and covering my ears because every sound was amplified. I retreated to dark part of the house where light was not present.

Doctor visit, after doctor visit, and there was no answer. Doctor’s brushed by the fact that a child so young simply could not have migraines. Insurance was not accepted to perform mri’s or catscans.

I am now in my early 30’s, and finally getting an MRI. It never went away, I just adapted to having these dreadful attacks which last at leat 4 days, and crazy annoying visual disturbances.

Too bad one or more of my children will be the unlucky one to inherite the migraines I call the “party pooper”..

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