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My story

I remember experiencing severe pain since the age of 3. Yes, 3 years old. I remember this because my sister who is 1 year older, began pre-k. My mother used to give me the small chewable pills to relieve the pain.

I was always vomiting, and covering my ears because every sound was amplified. I retreated to dark part of the house where light was not present.

Doctor visit, after doctor visit, and there was no answer. Doctor’s brushed by the fact that a child so young simply could not have migraines. Insurance was not accepted to perform mri’s or catscans.

I am now in my early 30’s, and finally getting an MRI. It never went away, I just adapted to having these dreadful attacks which last at leat 4 days, and crazy annoying visual disturbances.

Too bad one or more of my children will be the unlucky one to inherite the migraines I call the “party pooper”..

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  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    6 years ago

    Hi Becky,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Growing up and being brushed off by doctors must have been frustrating for you and your family. I’m also afraid the doctor who told you children don’t have migraines is incorrect. We do know infants, toddlers, and children can have what’s called abdominal migraine and it’s not true, young children can have migraine. Here is some information on this;

    It is however, not uncommon for MRIs and scan to be normal in people with migraine but it is always a good idea to have one to rule other conditions out seeing as there is no test for migraine at the moment.

    Migraine is a neurological genetic disease so as far as your children go, here are some numbers for you; if one parent has migraine your children have a 50% chance of getting it; if both parents have migraine the number goes up to 75%.


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