BFF Love

I have a best friend. Her name is Melissa. We have been friends going on 14 years. I think the adjective "best" is too small a word when it comes to Melissa.

With chronic migraines, it's hard to maintain relationships. People have a tendency to either A) make assumptions (including but not limited to the severity of your condition) or B) get burnt out quickly when things get really rough.

Melissa has never done either of these. She goes above and beyond whenever I am sick. She has called doctor's offices for me when I didn't feel like dealing with the stress of appointment making. She has picked up RX, taken me to get X-rays, driven me to urgent cares all up and down our county. She never doubts, never judges, never makes me feel guilty or underestimates that I am in a great deal of pain. She just loves. She just gives. She just helps.

Support is so key to migraneurs - if there aren't people in your life who truly appreciate your condition it can be so easy to crumble in on yourself and give up hope completely. There have been several incidents when I have been ready to just let myself go and allow the migraine to manage my every step - But Liss always pulls me back out of the dark and reminds me there are things worth fighting for. I am very blessed in this regard and I wish for all of you a friend like Melissa in your lives. They are rare gems! :)

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