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Beyond help? What can I do now?

So, I have tried everything, and I mean everything, conventional migraine meds like Imitrex, treximet, maxalt and all the others; amitriptalyne and meds of that sort; non conventional meds like every narcotic; botox; Laser therapy; occipital blocks; dextrose & lidocaine injections; hormone replacements; others that I can't remember at this moment. Currently, my dr switched me to Subutrex and the only sort of rescue med I have is a very short acting ketamine nasal spray. The thing is, my headaches have improved on the Subutrex but I am experiencing a ton of disturbing side effects. My mind feels like it's running 500 miles an hour, constipation worse than ever, and the most severe abdominal pain I have ever had - so bad that it caused me to shake violently, sweat profusely, scream at times and have to spend the bulk of the day in the fetal position.
What do I do? Do I try to suffer through the side effects? Do I go back to a medication that hasn't worked in the past? My dr wants to try an anti parasitic drug that she heard of through a seminar with a doctor who has treated patients like me who have not responded positively to anything else. The problem, it's $4,000 per month and I don't have full insurance coverage at the moment.
What would you do?
Please help with your input - I am beyond devastated and mentally in a compromised condition due to the sheer frustration. Thank you for every ounce of opinion/advice/input/suggestions. ..

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