Blood Vessel broken in eye

I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience.

On Sunday i had one of the worst migraines compared to my frequent migraines i get. They are actually coming on stronger and more often and the nausea is intolerable. But sunday scared me because i thought i would have to go to ER, but I have never gone because I know I would have to wait for hours and sit in pain, which I would rather do in the convience of my home.

So i went to sleep for most of the afternoon into monday since the pain was horrible. But i noticed monday that my left eye had what appeared like a broken blood vessel. I think this has actually happened before with my migraines. So i am wondering if this is migraine related and has anyone else ever experienced this?

Like i said my migraines are coming more frequent and are getting stronger. I have lost all hope as my doctors cant help me and the neurologist i saw years ago only offered me botox. So i suffer with my migraines and feel lost.

Thanks for any input.

I really appreciate it!!

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