Born with Migraines

Some of my first memories are of migraines. My mother always told me that there was nothing a physician could do to help me. I suffered through days of violent vomiting with my head throbbing. I went to the ER where they sat me on a cold cot and gave me anti-nausea drugs which made me vomit even more violently. Drug seeker? Left me by myself to suffer with no assistance for hours. Finally releasing me when the pain had run its natural course. $3000 poorer, I left vowing to never return again, until I folded the next time I became convinced that no one should suffer this kind of pain. In adulthood, I was given fiorinal 3 with instructions to take every 30 minutes until the pain subsided, it worked. I'd vomit it up, wait 30 minutes take another dose, and repeat until I'd wake up without a headache. After having a hysterectomy, my migraines became chronic and also optical. I thought I had experienced the worse pain imaginable until then... Shortly after the opioid epidemic made my Dr. deny me the 20 fiorinal a month he had been prescribing for years. Then the circus began. years of chronic migraines and weird drugs that didn't help. They gave me memory loss and nerve pain, balance problems and chest pain, and other strange side effects more numerous too mention. Finally, in desperation, I asked my neurologist to try magnesium infusions, they worked. Magnesium brought my headaches down to a livable level. Finally, but after a few years of this, I began to have breakthrough migraines, being out of practice, they were challenging to live through. Then I added Botox, I am now mostly migraine free. I get Botox injections every 3 months and 2 mg. of magnesium every month. It works. At 64 I have finally found relief. There is hope!

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