Just my take for anyone who has received Botox injections. I have received 6 series of Botox injections, 3 months apart, starting about 18 months ago. I was very hopeful since I have tried many, many, treatments over the last 18 years. I have not noticed any improvement. The first round I ended up with a drooping eyelid look. Stink eye as I called it. The next round of injections, My neurologist avoided the upper forehead which helped the angry bird eye look. Now I have decided to skip my 7th series to see if I was getting any benefit from the Botox. I also need to save up enough in my HSA to pay for my 3000.00 deductible. I am getting very discouraged. I was so hopeful that Botox would be my savior. Zomig has worked for me when I do get a migraine, but I am getting older and concerned with the blood constricting effect. Thank you for any comments you have!

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