Botox Injections

Imitrex stopped working for me years ago. I had migraine headaches 15+ times a month. So debilitating!

I have been having Botox injections for the last two or more years. They have really worked for me. My neurologist has injected in various sites, including the back of my skull, around my hairline, neck and sometimes into the upper back area, near the neck.

I have not had more than two migraines a month since starting the Botox injections. And the best part is that they are much less severe and don't last as long. I no longer am losing days to migraines.

However, when I do get them it's usually something I've done to trigger them. Not getting enough sleep, not eating when hungry, sometimes even a sip of red wine (but sometimes I can drink red wine). I try not to eat things with preservatives. There are actually deli meats that do NOT contain preservatives, which I believe are a real trigger.

I am a happy camper with my Botox injections. Every three months like clockwork. And the cost is mostly covered by my HMO insurance, with my deductible about $130 every three months. That's less than I was paying for the combination of over-the-counter drugs, which included Butterbur, magnesium, etc.

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