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Botox / Magnesium / CBD Oil / Relpax

I started having painful migraines in my 50's. Prior to that, I had ocular migraines with no pain. In my teens and early 20's, I had a couple of headache events my doc called "viral headache", but in retrospect, they were likely migraines. There are no triggers that I can pinpoint, my migraines just seem to come out of nowhere. Here are some things I've tried that have helped me:

Currently, I am doing Botox every 3 months, and it has helped greatly. I'm still having migraines -- it's not a miracle "cure", -- but it's pretty damn miraculous to me, it has lessened them, and the pain is not quite as bad as it used to be.

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But, still having migraines. I added 400 mg of Magnesium daily, and that has helped. I immediately saw an effect, the frequency of migraine events went down even more.

Finally, I just started using CBD oil. This is a legal substance, and is sold at my local health food store. So far, it seems to be doing good stuff for me. It's an anti-inflammatory, so I'm feeling it help ALL my hurty spots, not just my head. CBD stands for Cannibidiol. It is a chemical found in marijuana, but it has all the stuff that makes you stoned taken out -- it contains no THC at all.

From the literature, CBD Oil is not helpful during a migraine, and I can confirm that from personal experience as well. That said, as a preventative, it's well worth a try. Look on the internet for dosage recommendations. I saw one that said 30+ mg a day, but I've started much lower than that! I get 30 mg bottles, they cost $18.95 (US). A bottle lasts about a week for me. If it continues to work well, there are larger bottles that lower the cost somewhat.

So, as I type, I have a migraine, but it's not too bad so far. I'm not yet at the point of taking my abortive (Relpax). It's not cheap, but the manufacturer has a coupon program. Still, I only get 6 a month, so I have to ration them. They don't have the bad side effects of most Triptans, and will take the migraine away after an hour or so. But yay, y'all, it's been 10 days since my last migraine!

That's my most recent experiences with migraine stuff. My neurologist keeps asking me if I'm taking Butterbur, so I may try that next.

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