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Botox Therapy

I have been suffering with Migraines for about 20 years now. I have tried and resistant to almost every medication that I have taken for my headaches. I have had allergic reactions to almost everything. I had been hospitalized for treatments.

My neurologist suggested Botox injections. I had my first set 3 weeks ago. I personally have had considerable pain in my neck. I am wearing a neck brace to help with the pain. The doctor says that this can happen to about 10% of patients. I am now taking Predisnone to conteract the muscle spasms. Has anyone esle had this type of side effect. I always feel like its just me. They want me to go through 2 more sets of these injections. I am very reluctent.

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  • Kevin Marriott
    8 years ago

    I personally would not do it! I have herd nothing but bad things with Botox. I have daily migraines that are going to kill me one of these days and when I say daily I mean daily!

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Judi, Fortunately, there is a learning curve where botox injections are concerned. The most important thing for a Migraineur to remember while struggling to gain appropriate management of their attacks, is that patience is key. You may feel reluctance at the thought of two more series of injections, but if it ends up being helpful to you, is it worth the trouble? Migraine is a lifelong and often progressive disease and investing months in gaining control over them is a good investment in the end. Only you and your doctor can make that decision though.

    Jennie’s kinesiologist is correct in stating that the body is designed to heal itself. However, Migraine is not a normal state of being – there is no healing that can occur to fix it. It is a genetic, neurologic disorder over which our bodies have little control. There is no way to heal Migraine, but there are ways to help the condition.

    Some find that medications are not necessary. That is not necessarily the truth for everyone. All Migraineurs are different and all will react differently to different treatments. Unfortunately some doctors who are not headache specialists often mix up the diagnosis of Migraine and the diagnosis of cervicogenic headache. Cervicogenic headache very often reacts very favorably to manipulation and physical therapy. True Migraine frequently does not. If you can get to a headache specialist, that will probably be the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. They can help you with pharmacological or natural ways to get control of your attacks. Remember, it is always your choice…

  • Jennie Thomas
    8 years ago

    You can email me if you are interested in getting this kind of help. He taught me that the human body is designed to heal itself and drugs only mask the problem.

  • Jennie Thomas
    8 years ago

    I see a Chiropractor-Kinesiologist and he adjusts my migraines away. He also put me on a daily product (not a drug) that has helped not only with my migraines, but with my general well being. He is a certified applied Kinesiologist in a hospital and people come from all around the country to see him. He is in New York. I feel blessed that I no longer have to be drugged to be healed from my migraines that I had suffered with for over 30 years!

  • Alejandra Cavanillas
    8 years ago

    Jennie I will love to know more about your treatment as my body can’t take more pills…im in pain 24/7

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