A puzzling mystery to all my Doctors

As a teenager I had 3 major head injuries in 3 years. At 15 (1975) I was hit in the head with a bat pretty hard by my baby sitter trying to make a home run, split open beside the left temple had a few stitches. At 16 I was beat up by my Dad and he broke my nose. At 17 a tree fell on the garage roof and I didn't want my mom to have to climb up and fix it for fear she would get hurt.

I climbed up and thought if i cut off this part the rest will roll off but i forgot about weight shift and it catapulted me up high and I fell about 3 stories landing on my right side.

The migraines and dizzy spells started shortly there after. BUT my worst migraines come when I have a bowel movement. No pushing or straining, I just sit down, attempt a bowel movement and all of a sudden I feel my brain stem heat up and begin pounding horrifically, I wind up on the floor and don't want to talk or breath. I wind up in the ER, use to be for the day but they have gotten worse as of lately.

A couple years ago, nothing worked so they did a spinal tap and found blood in my brain fluid so i was in for 2 weeks with NO results. Last week I had one worse than any of them and wound up in the hospital for 2 days. I just found out 2 yrs ago that I have Diverticulosis and so the bowel movement coincides with the migraine and i figured it must be related but all the Dr.s think it is related to my head injuries and want to operate on my neck. I am confused and don't know what to do.

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