Life, Boxing and Migraines

Boxing, two opponents in a ring, slugging it out for a victory. Boxing is an art and I love watching two athletes going the distance for 12 rounds. There is adrenaline, strategy, flurries of energy, raw passion and determination.

When I think of Life and Migraines, I start to think they have similarities to a boxing match. Why?? You may ask.

In one corner you have the migraines/life. They are like the heavy weight fighter, with a longer reach and height advantage in the ring. And then in the other corner you have YOU or in my case me. I’m a great fighter but I sometimes feel like an underdog.

This past week, I felt like I was in a rematch against my migraines. I felt I got hit with a major punch and got Knocked Out. The punch was an unexpected migraine that lasted for two days. The migraine totally caught my like a left hook to the chin and knocked me on my ass. I was dazed and confused and couldn’t get back up. This migraine had pain radiating throughout my body and had me sleeping for 48 hours. (Probably a little longer than standing eight count,but who’s counting)

Nonetheless, like a determined fighter wanting to win my opponent, eventually I got back up after being knocked down. I’m not quite sure what round I am in this boxing match, but I’m sure glad that each round has an end. I count my blessing that I survived each round and take it as an opportunity to learn more about my opponent. I use my time in the corner to strengthen my spirit and look for a new strategy.

Sometimes I feel that migraines are like below the belt shots, they are just dirty and unfair but part of the game. And most time when a fighter gets hit with a below the belt shot they are filled with raw passion and determination to beat their opponent. So I say let the adrenaline of that unfair shot push you past your pain. Let your knowledge of past knock downs create new strategies for victory. Let your flurries of energy get you to the next round. Let your desire and grit get you the victory in the 12th round.

Migraines and Life may seem hard, but I think if you look at it like a boxing match there are a few positives. 1st There are multiple rounds in a boxing match, to use towards your advantage. If you look at life in smaller segments, like each round in a boxing match you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Even if you get knocked down in one round you can always get back up and you know you can redeem yourself in the next round. 2nd There is always time for a quick break, reflection and a new strategy. 3rd Once you figured out how your opponent fights, learn his/her strengths and weakness then you are more prepared to win the fight. 4th Like Boxing, Life is a game and migraines are just part of the game. There will be up and down, wins and loses. However, if you think of life as a game, you can play to Win and Victory is ohh so sweet.

I have fallen, got knocked down, been dazed and confused but I continue to fight. I have had many defeats with my headaches, but I let them fuel me to my next win. With Migraines, Life and Boxing, there is always an opportunity to celebrate a victory and if it doesn’t go your way then you just prepare for the rematch.

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you the best of luck. Know that you have the strength of a champion and Victory is around the corner.

With Love and Gratitude
The Migraine Warrior

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