Brand Spanking New Migraineur!

I was recently diagnosed with optical neuritis, lost vision in my left eye that has not returned and ta da I now suffer with chronic migraines (about 7 months now.) I am not dealing with it very well. Until two weeks ago when I was diagnosed as bipolar and given Topamax, I just dealt with it, maybe an occasional trip to the ER for pain medication.

I do not have health insurance which is why I just dealt with the pain because my hospitalization landed me with over $36k in debt and no solution. I guess not having MS for the time being is a plus. I cry. I have to lie down in dark silence. I feel like a freak and that no one understands just how severe the pain is or that they think that I am over reacting. I do not want to live the rest of my life like this. I cannot. I'm in incredible pain as I write this now. And no way to stop it. I do not see hope.

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