I have had migraines for more than 50 years. For years, they were "under control" with beta blockers. About four years ago, the beta blockers stopped preventing my headaches.

Since that time, I have been to my Internal Medicine doctor, a neurologist and a pain clinic that specializes in migraines. I have tried at least a dozen different drugs as well as botox. Nothing has worked. I still had from 8 to 11 headaches a month.

One day, while talking to my cousin who is an internal medicine doctor about all the drugs that I am taking for all my assorted age-related problems, he asked me about my calcium and what time of the day I took it. I told him that I took my calcium with my morning pills. He told me that calcium binds with other drugs and often makes them ineffective. He told me to take the calcium at least two hours before and after any other drugs. And so I switched the hour of taking calcium.

Since doing so, I have gone 5 weeks and have only had 4 headaches. It's too soon to know for sure, but I am hopeful. I want to share this information so that others can benefit from what I have learned.

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