I called my migraine "Freddie"

I got my migraine since i was eight, i got diagnosed wrong many times and i got so many mixed medications. Now i am 27 years old, married, having one baby boy and i am on topamax 50. I have a chronic migraine with aura .. the whole package with everything, the lights, the dizzy, the numbness and the nausea and the feeling of heavy weight in half of your body and your tongue. I can't talk to any one, i can't form a sentence, i can't think straight.

Lately i am having an episode everyday and sometimes twice a day. My doctor told me that i should be aware of too much sleeping, like i have to wake up every day at a certain time, maybe earlier but never late .. so i try my best to sleep less or sleep exactly each and everyday the same periods of time, so "Freddie" doesn't reach out his clews and grasps my brains out .. grrrrrrrrr!!!

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