What you can do with a migraine

To begin, I had a few more words to share when my story vanished. So sad. Well anyway I'm doing it again because it might help someone.

My late husband completly restored a VW BEETLE and put in a race motor. well he did put it in shows too. When he retired we moved to our summer cottage we had on Lake Michigan a few miles resort town.

In the middle of nowhere he would take the car out and drag any nut he came across. He loved to drag race (so did I) this win he had been up againist a Porche. Richard blew the engine came limping home.

He had gotten colon cancer met to liver year after we got here but nothing stopped him. He got to feeling sick again this is the late 1990's can't remember surgery or chemo or what. Finally when he felt better, looked great weight back to normal he headed downstairs to the garage with a promise "I won't touch a thing".

This is where I come in! Lying on the couch cold compresses coving my face. Living on Lake Michigan in the afternoon that sun then reflected off the lake well!! I had taken everything I could get my hands on!!

BAM a sound that shook the house, jumped up, ran two flights of stairs, my husband is on the floor sitting next to his car. Before he got sick we had jacked it up took tires off and blocked the wheels with wooden blocks. The jack had moved car fell off one of the blocks on right side car next to my husbands leg.

I saw he was okay, I was pi__ed, procedded to lift the right side of the car myself and yelled for him to put block under the wheel. He looked at me so stupid because I lifted the car then told him to do the other side.

That day it was the fear, so many words in between that allowed my body to lift each side of that car. You do what you got to do?

WHAT I mean what a way to get rid of a migraine!! I don't suggest it, if they could all be that easy.

He died before he could fix it and I sold it to the guy that helped him build it, going to be 16 years ago.


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