I Thought I Had My Migraines Under Control

I've had migraines for over 20 years and since the end of June, I have suffered more then any other time in my life. I have minor to major migraines 5-6 days a week. My migraine symptoms and severity change constantly. I've tried some medications with some success. These latest migraines seem resistant to so many things.

My primary care tried Midrin (made me sick and fuzzy feeling with no relief) and Maxalt.

The Maxalt worked for a few days and now is not working. My neurologist prescribed a preventative, Propranolol, Friday and the pharmacy didn't receive it so I can't start taking it.

In 20 years I have not asked nor accepted pain medication (narcotics) and I asked this time. Even with oxycondone, I'm in pain that interferes with my life.

I know a few of my triggers are beef, atmospheric pressure changes (which happens often in Western Oregon), and stress. Being on summer break from teaching, one would think my stress level would decrease. I guess that isn't happening for me.

Symptoms: Auras, stabbing acute pain in specific areas of my head, 'halo' effect (feels like your head is in a circular vice), my right eye closes more then my left, throbbing, throat and tongue feel like they are swelling, and fatigue. I've had times when I am sound sensive and slightly nauseuos, but rarely.

As of now, I would really like to have two days in a row without a migraine or headache.

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