My Migraine Story

7 years ago, I started getting these mild migraines. I knew what they were because I had two in my past. I blew them off to a change in location of residence. However, they started coming more frequent. Up to a point where I had to drop out of night school and my job was suffering. My biggest one hit me one day while at the grocery store. My whole neck stiffened and I couldn't lift my head off of the cart. Another one hit me while I was driving, paralysis hit my left side.

$500 In medical bills later the ER doctor sent me home with pain killers that did nothing for it. I was up to taking 4 ibuprofen a day to ease the pain, resulting in bleeding stomach and bad liver. I could go on and on. Things that suffered aside from my body and mind; family, job loss, etc...sound familiar? I missed my son's second birthday and a few holidays. Enough was enough. My husband wanted to help me figure out what was causing them. I kept a diary but nothing made sense. According to my entries any and everything would trigger them. Even on vacation I would get them, telling me that it wasn't weather or climatic change that triggered them either. I had food allergy tests done and according to the results I wasn't allergic to anything. And I say wasn't, because I am.

About 5 months ago we purchased a new home with hopes that it would ease any triggers that may have been in the other house. It did cut down on the migraines however, the menstural migraines continued. At least I was down to only one week a month. After years of doing research, I had already knew I had to do a detox but just "never got around to doing it". I finally broke down and did a candida detox followed by an elimination diet. I have not had a migraine in 6 weeks! I do have food allergies and avoiding these certain foods is making me feel like I am on top of the world. I am sharing my story in hopes that fellow migranuers may look into a candida/ elimination diet. I have new found energy and would love to see this happen for other sufferers.

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