Living with Chronic Migraines

I am 21 years old and I have suffered with chronic migraines since I was 13. I felt alone until I found this website and read all of your posts, to be honest. I have such great family and friends around me, but as much as they say “we know how much pain you’re in,” they just don\'t. I don\'t want them to know how much pain I am in, I would not wish the pain of living with chronic migraines on anyone.

I have tried a number of medications. Pain meds, prevention meds, herbal meds, Ibuprofens, etc. Nothing seems to take the pain away. The pain is not the only bad part, its the weakness and feeling of hopelessness that comes along with it. It is like there is nothing you can do except live in fear of your next migraine attack. I cannot plan anything in advance because I never know when one of these suckers are going to come next. Besides the actual pain and the feeling of hopelessness, did I mention there is nausea, eye pain, light and noise sensitivity as well?

You know what is even worse than having chronic migraines? Having to explain to the know-it-all people around you that claim to know what you are going through and how to solve the issues better than yourself. “Drink water, you aren\'t hydrated enough!” or “You need to fix your sleeping schedule and eating habits” or what about “Are you exercising enough? Not drinking too much caffeine?” I\'m sure all of you have heard one, if not all, of these before. Sometimes I just want to snap and super sarcastically say “NOPE NEVER TRIED ANY OF THAT, I LOVE BEING IN PAIN EVERYDAY.”

Ugh. I hope all of you find some sort of cure soon because I sure hope I do. I can not keep living like this. It has been 8 years for me and I do not know how much longer I can deal with this all.

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