I found the cause of my migraines! I wonder how many others are affected by the same?

I have discovered what is causing my migraines! I do not know the name of it, though...

It is a chemical that is put on many fruits and vegetables, but not all. It could be a pesticide, but I am inclined to think that it may be a chemical fertilizer. It cannot be washed off, it is present all throughout and inside the food. I can only eat certified organic produce of these foods. Though I am the only one in my family to be affected, I believe that other migraine sufferers out there may be also affected by the same culprit. Therefore, I am sharing my story:

My migraines began at age 45. They came out of nowhere. I would feel great one day, and the next wake up with one. They seemed to increase in number. I explained the experience as feeling like having been poisoned. I began to examine my food and found it. These foods, if eaten raw, include but are not limited to: apples, grapes, all citrus fruits, fresh coconuts, pineapples (also those from a can), and broccoli. However, if cooked and the water drained off, they are safe. The migraine sets in approximately ten to fifteen or so hours after the food is ingested. The foods that do not seem to be treated with the culprit are: lettuce, tomatoes and onions... When I began to eat the affected food varieties in organic, only, all headaches disappeared. However, I can still come across it, such as in bottled drinking water. Some brands may be okay, but some are not, and so I no longer drink it at all, since I do not know which is okay, and which is not. Once I purchased "organic" apple juice, which apparently was not organic at all. And so I avoid all bottled fruit juices, as well.

I adore watermelons, and I ate about three early this summer. I was delighted to not be affected, but then there were other ones that did make me sick. I conclude that the culprit chemical is sometimes used on watermelons, and sometimes not, depending on the farmer. I believe it to originate on the farm. I have not yet found any organic watermelons, but am still looking.

I hope that someone can help to find out what this chemical is by name, and hopefully it can be banned some day. I hope that this information will be helpful to others.

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