CBD gummies helps?

I am a pediatric registered nurse case manager who had the perfect job and I loved it since I could work from home. That all changed 2 1/2 years ago when some ran a red light and hit my car going 55 miles/hr in the driver's side causing it to flip a couple of times and landed up side down. I ended up with a concussion, whiplash and other injuries related to getting hit in the face by the air bag, the end result was post concussion syndrome, migraines and temporary vision loss (ocular migraines) with severe migraines. I have migraines 5-6 days out of the week and at least 2 of those days they are severe, they start as a pain in my neck and pain in the temple with tingling on one side of the face. When it first started to happen, I thought I was having a mild stroke because I I had trouble speaking also, the weather make a big difference on how severe they are and florescent lights and the sun are murder. I follow up with a neurologist and he has tried many medications with no relief and I've been on Topermate and Nortriptyline as a preventive for the past 2 years, but they don't work and I was recently put on a wait list for Botox with an appt. schedule for the new year 2018 due ago the back log for appt. for Botox. These migraines have taken over my life and Made things too difficult to continue to work. I obtained tinted glasses similar to the Theraspecs which helps with florescent lighting and other bright lighting. Until recently I was just about taking either Advil migraine or Ecedrine migraine on daily basis until my son who live in CA suggested I try medical marijuana, I did try the gummie bear with CBD. It took a little time to kick in, but it did make my migraine and nausea go away, it's only been a couple of days, so hopefully they'll keep working.

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