I suffer from Hemicrania Continua and regular classic migraines DAILY! While I was in the hospital, my doctor told me to try CBD Oil. I live in AZ where thankfully I was able to get a medical Marijuana Card. Over the past year, I have tried it all. Here's what has worked the best for me. CBD Oil pills from CBDOilreview.com. I have to take about 6-10 pills at a time, but it does help!! Roll on CBD Oil "High CBD Muscle and Joint Therapy Roll-on" Broad Spectrum Cannaboid Therapy 50mg activated cannaboids by Chronic Health. This DEFINITELY smells awful, so I also use my Lavender Oil roll-on right on top of it. For me, this does work by rolling it literally everywhere on my head that hurts including through my hair. Then I rub it into my skin and apply ice. I have even rubbed it on my stomach to help with nausea. Unfortunately the smell is so strong that I'm too embarrassed to use it if I leave the house. So I generally only use it at home.

Bottom line is that I will always be grateful to the doctor who recommended CBD Oil to me. It definitely does help. It's not a cure for my migraines unfortunately, but when I'm really struggling with terrible pain, it does help! I have two vape pens one for day and one for night time use. I don't use these very often and have also tried various edibles. I still haven't found any of these to be particularly helpful, but then again I haven't tried them on a consistent basis either. I will comment in the future if this changes. Good luck and God bless!!

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