Cefaly for migraine prevention- does it work?

Hi I’ve been a migraine sufferer since my late teens; always related to when my period arrives. And for years managed it with immigran, laying in a dark room and trying not to move! In last 6 months something has dramatically changed for the worse. I think its hormone related, I’m approaching pre-menopause time, my periods all went haywire and so has my head. I’ve had an operation to sort the periods, yay! But the head is still bad. I feel my GP is just going through a very long tick list of things I have to try (last time I asked if I could be referred to a specialist he said ‘we haven’t tried everything yet’) and this is really unhelpful when I'm trying to keep my job and not take time off work. I reacted badly to the topiramate and similarly to muscle relaxants tried after that. The last time I saw him he reckons I’m getting tension headaches on top of my normal migraines, hence the muscle relaxant. I seem to get a pain that starts right between my eyes, feels like a vice on my forehead, I can't look at anything and feel dizzy, and then the pain nearly always moves over to over my right eye. I’ve been put on a stronger progesterone only pill to stop my periods to hopefully stop the migraines… hasn’t worked. So, I have started a course of acupuncture (did that myself, as fed up with the GP just giving me drugs) and it does seem to be helping. It’s not stopped the hormonal migraine, but has lessened how bad it is and seems to have lessened the amount I am getting. I also bought a Cefaly, again because it’s not drugs. However I am struggling to use it, due to how painful it is!! It’s not so bad when you don’t have a headache but if I do, I find it unbearable. I haven’t even been able to let it go to its normal setting yet (I’ve kept it on a lowish setting) and I’ve been using it for just over a week. Has anyone else had experience of using one of these? Is it just a question of keeping on with it for a while and I’ll get used to it? I don’t have a particularly low pain threshold,(I've used a tens machine on a high setting and its nothing compared to this!) I even asked my boyfriend to experience it and he reckons I’m hardcore for putting up with it, he took it off after 3 minutes! It was an expensive product and I can return it after 6o days if it doesn’t work for me and at the moment I am thinking it will get sent back, as I’m struggling to use it. Anyone out there have any experience of this, your comments would be appreciated.

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