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Cefaly Hurts

To join a blog takes time. I don’t have spare. But I am motivated enough to put this out there. For me the cefaly device has been VERY painful. Yes I get the pins & needles and the fluttering sensation. That is not pain. For me it causes bad pain, akin to a migraine. I want anyone else who has this experience to know that it happens.They are not imagining it. You don’t have to subject yourself to this for weeks or months. There is no data about long term affects. People try it in desperation. I did. But it didn’t work. That is upsetting…again, but it just didn’t. Trust your own experience.

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  • tess4
    1 year ago

    I also recently tried Cefaly for only 5 days, and it’s not for me. It gave me more migraines and made me dizzy. I did not like the feeling even after the Cefaly was off my forehead. I will be returning the device.

  • kmtnmm author
    1 year ago

    I updated this post. I had a great chat to a chemist guy who said that if it hurts, that’s a good sign. The aim is to hurt it over and over again so that the nerve gets ‘fried’. So I am doing what he says; 3 months on setting 2 for 20 min a day. It makes sense that this would happen. I equate it to the pain people experience as they rebuild muscles. I’ll endure the pain for a long term reduction in it. Just wanted you to know that I might have been wrong.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    1 year ago

    I am so sorry to hear what a terrible experience you have had using this device! This is super discouraging to hear. I know many have found it to be effective & helpful, so I a again just so sorry the pain was so bad for you. Have you thought about reporting this to the FDA? I see their site has some basic information on long-term data listed on their site in case you are interested in checking it out. You can read more here. Lastly, in case you are interested, here is some information below for use of the device. You can learn more about read more below.

    Thanks again for sharing your personal experience with us. Have you found any treatment(s) to be effective?
    Joanna ( Team)

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