Migraines changing in frequency and severity

I've had migraines since I can remember. I remember my mom picking me up from preschool, throwing up, with a migraine. My mom suffers from migraines and took amazing care of me. I guess growing up with them has made me a veteran and I feel like I can deal with them better than people who had normal, headache free childhoods I suppose. I've been to a neurologist and I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I am now 26 and still dealing with it. Anyways the migraines started to change the day I got married when I was 24. I woke up on my wedding day at 2 am throwing up with intense migraine pain. I couldn't keep anything down and my wedding was quickly approaching so I went to the ER and they gave me phenigren, fluids, and dilaudid, so I was basically like that chick from 16 candles walking down the aisle as high as a kite. That was the last migraine I had for a whole year, I immediately got pregnant with my first child and despite being preeclamptic during my pregnancy I never once had a migraine! Until about a month ago. I went to bed one night and I developed a migraine that went from a 1-10 in less than a minute, the pain locks up my jaw, causes me to loose my vision and balance and I get a ringing noise in my ear. It was over in 4 hours and went away as quickly as it started. Same thing happened to me a week later only this time my nurse mother was with me and she have me omitted, phenigren, and a lortab, nothing worked and I had it for 5 hours. Then 2 days later I had one and within minutes of getting it I started throwing up and couldn't stop so after a few hours my mom took me to the hospital. My mom told them the severity and symptoms were getting worse (and it's always in the same spot now) so they gave me a CT scan to check for temporalis artritis and tumors and nothing showed up. I am relieved nothing showed up but I can't shake this feeling that something is wrong. I would see my neurologist but I was fired as a patient for missing too many appointment (because I had migraines). Would a CT scan miss something that an MRI could detect??

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