Check the expiry dates !

Hi with migraines as soon as I feel drained and beyond tired, I have managed after many years to identify the feeling as what you call here on the site a name for it, which sorry I have forgotten, prodrome or something like that. It is a feeling beyond normal tiredness, it is as if all your energy had decided to leave your body.
Anyway I am one of the lucky people, that usually by taking 2 Advil or something in that range and two Paracetomel (however thats spelt) at the same time, usually quells the pain but not the other symptoms but they are bearable the pain is not.
Anyway on a ship cruise which there were so many triggers especially air conditioning 24/7 we were going on an excursion for the day.
Felt headache coming on, took tablets, as the day progressed so did my classic migraine, down one side of my face into my jaw and neck.
I took more tablets as 4 hours had passed, it got worse, so bad I couldn't actually use words as it hurt too much to talk.
I panicked as I thought, OMG I am having rebound headache thing where the tablets do not work anymore but cause the headache. I was really upset, and in pain, and unable to lie down anywhere. Eventually got back to the cabin, and tried to sleep it off as find that works for me as well, except not convenient when you are at work.
To cut this short headache got worse I went to take more tablets then something made me look at the expiry date, maybe because sub consciously I remembered find the box in an old handbag. YES they had expired two years ago or something like that, and probably exposed to heat etc in that time.
I then immediately took some tablets from newer pack and within one hour my headache was bearable. THE RELIEF IN FINDING OUT that the tablets do still work was phenomenal to say the least.
Sometimes I read this site and the stories, and I have put my story on here as well previously as migraines now for over 50 years.
My Mums stopped during menopause mine increased.
I take Deralin for Prevention, not sure whether it works, it used to years ago when I used it and then went off it. I need really to monitor these things better, as I said it took nearly 50 years to work out that the extreme fatigue came before the headache up to one day.
When I read from the people who have chronic headaches that the medication no longer worked for them, my heart goes out to them so much. I know how it feels to get one headache lasting three days per month approx, so I really do not know how one lives life with that amount of pain and fatigue every day. I am full of admiration for you all. JULIE

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