Chronic migraines and college

Chronic migraines and school are two of the things that are a struggle to combine. I am about a month into college and I am already having a hard time keeping up and attending every class. Going into college I knew it would be a challenge but I never knew how much of one. I have already had to drop a class to lessen my work load. I have missed multiple classes a week because I am not able to leave my dark room.

Living at school had to have been the best decision because of the closeness. If I had to drive to class every day I wouldn’t have made it, driving with a migraine is not something that is possible. The dorms are luckily apartment style so I have my own room that I can hide out in when I get bad. Telling people is one of the hardest things here. You don’t know anyone and you can’t always trust someone with this type of information. Some people will judge or think it is not a big deal. I have been lucky to have found friends and roommates that have been able to support me.

Going on day to day isn’t easy, trying to make it to every class each week, along with keeping up with homework, is the biggest challenge for me right now.

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