Chronic Daily Migraine Headaches have ruined my life

My headache began 20 months ago and hasn't went away. Ever since then, I have woke up everyday with a headache and a few days a week it has turned into a migraine.

A few months before the headaches started, I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Cancer Stage 3. I was 32 years old with 3 children. 2 weeks later I was in surgery to remove the 29 mm tumor on my right kidney that had been growing for 5 years.

Two months later when I went back to work the headache started. I worked for a year and a half and then just couldn't do it anymore. That whole time I never worked 40 hours a week. The first year I went almost completely un-medicated. It was horrible. I would never wish that on anybody. I have had so many MRIs and CT scans, looking for any cancer in my body and trying to figure out why I am having the headaches.

The last 8 months, I have finally found some great doctors who have gave me medication so I can have somewhat a normal life. But most of my days are spent in bed. And I have found a wonderful man, who loves me dearly and is taking great care of me. I am 34 now and I hope soon to be free of these terrible headaches and migraines.

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