Suffering Migraine with NEW symptom occuring today

Greetings to all.

First let me tell you that I am in the minority being that I am a male however THAT doesn't change my triggers, symptoms or pain.

I am 44 years old and have suffered with migraines since I was 16. At first they were just bad headaches occuring once or twice a month. As time has gone on they have gotten progressively worse and worse and worse. For about 7 years now I have a headache EVERY's just a matter of the severity of the pain and how much it disables me. I have a migraine (severe symptoms) 3-5 days a week. I was fired from my job in January for missing too much work, and I only worked 3 weekend days, 17 hours a week. I was told that they needed someone more dependable...and I worked for a church! I applied for Social Security Disability because no one will hire me due to my "condition." My symptoms usually include: visual aura, nausea, intense pain (7+), sensativity to light and sound especially and sometimes smell.

Today I had a migraine (9) with all the usual symptoms PLUS my fingers were numb. Scared the hell out of me! This really doesn't pertain to this forum I guess but I have an anxiety disorder for 9 years with panic attacks. I mention this because when my anxiety flares up so does the severity of my migraines.

I have NO health insurance and no one will insure me because of pre-existing conditions (headache-tension-migraine) and anxiety. NO job because no one will hire me for the same reasons. So I have to pay for everything out of pocket. My Doctor is very patient with payments but wants me to see a Neurologist witch I can't afford. It's all I can do to afford my medicines and a little payment to my primary Doctor. Medicaid has denied me because I do not have a biological child under 18 living with me.

My wife is very understanding and cares for me more than I could ever ask for. I try to push myself through the symptoms and pain but when my bawlance is off and it's obvious I'm trying to do to much she puts me to bed. Does anyone have any experience with Social Security Disability and migraines? I am supposed to hear their decision this week but the waiting is causeing my anxiety and therefore my migraines to flare up. They have my medical records going back to 1992 when I had my first panic attack and was diagnosed with anxiety. At that time my migraines were more under control than they are now. Any info on disability and treatments that are working for any of you would be appreciated.

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