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Chronic Migraine?

"Alright so you have Chronic Migraines. Now how long have you had this last migraine?" "Everyday." "You mean everyday for the past week or two weeks?" "No, I mean like everyday, 24/7 for almost the past 3 years." Cue the dubious look and quiet, "Alright." and you are in every doctor appointment with me. Now don't get me wrong what I am describing is a Chronic Migraine. I mean I am having migraines for more than 15 days, but it's just when you start saying you have a migraine/ headaches everyday that's when things start sounding a little far-fetched.

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It gets to the point where I feel unsure saying I have Chronic Migraines because I feel like there's a certain criteria that I need to fit in. But if you look at the definition I definitely fit in it, but just saying the word "everyday" creates this sort of confusion like, "That's a thing that can happen?" Yeah I had someone say that to me. The joys of having migraines everyday. I just wish there was a better word to describe what my migraines are because just saying I have Chronic Migraines or Chronic Daily Migraines does not get the point across.

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