Chronic Dizzyness

I started with chronic dizzyness about 4 months ago. I ocassionally have episodes of vertigo. I did not start having severe headaches until about a month ago. I have noticed that the the headaches and vertigo is worse around my menstrual cyle. I am dizzy all day long and it never goes away!! When I started with the dizzyness I was on predizone for a mysterious rash I had gotten. I had a high pulse rate so the dizzyness was thought to be from the high pulse rate and the high pulse rate was thought to be from the predizone so I stopped taking the predizone.

After I stopped taking the predizone I still had high pulse rate and dizzyness so I went to Heart doctor. He did EKG and Heart Sonogram and I also wore Telemonitor and everything checked out fine. I then went to Nuerologist who had me do an MRI and that checked out fine. He prescribed me medication for nausea which did not help and told me to come back in 4 months. What for I dont know.

I went to the American Balance of Institute and went thru series of testing and they believed I had Migraine Anxiety Related Disorder. Went back to my primary who has prescribed 25mg of Topamax which seems to have eased the headaches but I still have chronic dizzyness and its worse around my menstrual cyle. I have been reading about Basilar Migraines thinking maybe I have this type of migraine.

I made an appointment with another Nuerologist to get second opion and find out more about BTM. Anyone been diagnosed with migraines where dizzyness seems to be more of a problem than the headaches?

Also, anyone try Feverfew for migraines? Thanks Kim

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