Chronic Migraine Sufferer!

I have suffered headaches since a teenager & diagnosed with "tummy migraine" as a child. I had left eye surgery for myopia in 1991 & as I am getting older, the "migraines" are lasting longer. My current episode has already lasted two weeks. It is always over my left eye/side of head. My temple is very sore to the touch, as are various areas on the L side of skull.

I am extremely sensitive to sound a bit more than light (still need to wear dark glasses/lie in a dark room}I have L side weakness at the start, including eye droop & watering. I sometimes experience electric shock like feelings along my left arm/chest. I get nausea but am rarely sick  .I am feeling depressed at presentdue to nothing helping. I have been px everything in the past from daily tabs/specialist meds/neurological etc..

The only thing that has taken the edge off without knocking me out (neuro meds) is Dihydrocodiene, 30mgs x 4 that I have taken for years. I am now tolerant & addicted. I have seen a neuroligist & had an MRI scan once but nothing showed up.ESR levels are raised but "nothing significanlty". I am really at my wits end. I work as a nurse & my latest attack has led to more time off. I am now on final warning because I have gone sick within the year.

ANY advice would be very much appreciated.

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