Everything tried for chronic migraines...

I've had chronic migraines since my early teenage years and can't even count the number of medications i have been on. I currently take topamax and tofranil daily, along with zomig, frova and naproxen at the onset. I have had work on my teeth for tmj and wear a custom fit orthotic nighty to prevent grinding of my teeth. I tried steroid/lidocaine injections in the fall and they worked WONDERFULLY but not for long enough and they can only be injected every 3 months or longer.

Last month i had botox injections all over my scalp, forehead and neck. I seem to be noticing a difference but i feel like a bobble head because my neck muscles are so loose now! I also go to a chiropractor weekly and have graston done on my neck, which is rubbing a hard metal tool to smooth out and relax the muscles.

I pray for a day when i can be completely free from this chronic pain as it takes so much out of me. I finish my master's degree in math and my biggest concern is being able to hold a full time job with this pain. I would do anything to fix it.

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