My Chronic migraine began before I could talk and was diagnosed when I was five at Great Ormond Street Hospital, England. School was a nightmare as I struggled with two or three migraines every week, which left my memory in shreds. When my friends were all looking forward to their summer holidays, I was dreading the journey in my Father's car and the sunshine which always brought on a migraine and sickness. For fourty years I struggled on like this and then one day I decided to try acupuncture. I went for six months before I noticed an improvement and from then on the pain became less and less, finally I was pain free. Fifteen wonderful years went by before I started to see flashing lights and have now been diagnosed with Ocular Migraine. The pluses are that the headaches are slight and there is no sickness. The minuses are feeling heavy in the head all day and zigzag flashes come and go whenever they like. It disrupts things I like to do, writing books, singing in a choir. Peoples faces become distorted and noses disappear.The journey continues.

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